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Types of automatic cutting machine

The cutting machine is usually distinguished according to the type of blade used for cutting, which can be divided into: straight knife cutting machine, knife cutting machine and round knife cutting machine, these cutting machines are driven by electric motors.
1. Straight knife cutting machine
The blade is a long lamellar steel knife. When cutting, the blade moves up and down to cut the fabric. This machine is also called electric scissors. Generally equipped with automatic knife sharpening device, press the grinding lever, the knife tip can automatically grind. Due to the miniaturization, the machine can cut thin materials and complex styles of clothing more flexibly.
2. Knife cutting machine
The blade is an endless steel belt knife, and the blade makes a one-way circular cutting movement. Generally equipped with a horizontal air cutting bed, the air is sprayed from the nozzle, forming an air cushion on the cutting bed, so that the fabric moves quickly without misalignment. The machine is equipped with a blade cooling device, which can avoid the melting of fibers when cutting chemical fiber fabrics and interlinings. The grinding device can prevent the sand from polluting the cloth. Due to the speed control device, different speeds can be used according to different fabrics.
3. Circular knife cutting machine
The blade is a disc-shaped steel knife, which makes a rotary cutting motion. Light weight and easy to use. The machine is also equipped with an automatic knife sharpening device, which can keep the blades always sharp. This machine is suitable for straight line cutting, mostly used for cutting materials.
The above three categories are collectively called continuous cutting machines. For the intermittent cutting machine, it includes a cutting machine punched with a model knife, scissors, a manual cutting knife, and a cutting machine and a drilling machine for cutting and drilling.