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What are the advantages of automatic cutting machine?

1. Improve product quality
When manually cutting multi-layer materials, the cutting strength and angle are not easy to control, which may cause the edge shift when the material is displaced, resulting in the size error of the upper and lower pieces; due to the limitations of the cutting workers in terms of habits and experience, manual When cutting in large quantities, it is difficult to achieve consistent cuts in all parts.
The automatic cutting machine uses a vacuum suction device to avoid material displacement. With the help of computer intelligent control technology, it can accurately calculate the size of the cutting piece and monitor the cutting operation throughout the process, effectively reduce the error, improve the processing accuracy, and the cutting quality is significantly higher than the manual. For example, suit linings tend to be relatively smooth. The size deviation of the upper and lower layers is caused by slippage during manual cutting. Once repaired, it increases the workload and reduces production efficiency. Using an automatic cutting machine can avoid such problems.
2. Reduce labor costs
Automatic cutting machine can replace the manual completion of production tasks, alleviating the difficulty of recruiting enterprises. In general, an automatic cutting machine operated by 2 workers can complete the output of 10 cutting workers when cutting materials with a thickness of about 75 mm. The automatic cutting machine also helps the enterprise to arrange the employment of the subsequent process. Enterprises can use the automatic cutting machine to understand the total circumference of the material being cut, calculate and rationally allocate the equipment and personnel for the next process according to a certain method, and avoid unnecessary equipment purchase and labor expenditure.
3. Improve security
Using manual cutting, the labor intensity of the workers is high, attention needs to be highly concentrated, and safety accidents occur frequently; the automatic cutting machine cuts according to the layout diagram, and the worker controls the machine on the side, with a high safety factor.
4. Improve management
The cutting accuracy is effectively controlled, reducing the blame and contradiction between the cooperative departments, improving the work performance of middle management personnel; avoiding the influence of human factors on the production schedule, responding to employees' resignation, leaving, and taking leave at any time, and the use of equipment cutting can guarantee Production volume; stable cutting quality, reducing internal consumption of quality management; due to unified and standardized production to improve the production quality of products, it is affirmed by the billing customer, so as to ensure the source of the order quantity.
5. Beautify the environment, enhance the corporate image of the company, and make it easier to receive orders
In the traditional cutting mode, the cloth scraps are flying to pollute the environment, which is easy to cause the flying scraps to be contaminated and cause bad products. Using the automatic cutting machine, the cutting scraps are discharged out of the outdoor through a dedicated pipe to make the cutting environment clean and tidy; use automatic cutting The system makes the clothing enterprise have a sense of overall cutting line, improve the scene of the traditional environment with many operators and mess. The production process of the entire line is smooth, everything is in order, enhance the corporate image, and help increase the order volume.