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How to DIY a small laser cutting machine?


For plane cutting, only two aspects need to be considered:1.control the cutting head movement;2.control the light and air blowing.The motion control can use the motion control card, the supporting software, y axis on both sides of the two motors or the middle with a motor, x axis with a motor can be out of arbitrary graphics.The cutting card can also control the switch between the light and the gas solenoid valve, so it is also simple.

Below is the rack support material.Z axis according to the size and precision machine use capacitor block control cutting head height, the choice of the laser you need more power, the machine tool with the optical fiber transmission, a mini with small power, it is 4 x2 square meter machine tools use 700 w laser resistance and cutting head using capacitance block, set up automatic induction height, focal length according to the thickness of plate configuration, basic can cut within 12 mm carbon steel stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy, the latter because the absorption rate is low, limited thickness, fiber is most suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel material, even the mirror stainless steel is no problem,High-power 2kw3kw6kw fiber laser has also entered the market, and then small word laser cost is very low, cutting head, mainly is to change the beam path, focus position, and change the pressure of the nozzle.