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Why Choose Us

  • Factory Strength

    Has more than 20 years of practical experience in weaving machinery industry

  • Quality Guarantee

    We have professional manufacturing and service flow, with production, R&D, technical sales

  • Competitive Price

    We have been to win the reputation of good quality and competitive prices

About Us

RUNFENG machinery has been committed to design and manufacture follow-up complete sets of processing equipment for plastic woven industry .And promote the use of smokeless equipment so advocate energy - saving and environmental protection. Our products include full-automatic cutting and sewing machine for lined bags、automatic cutting and sewing machine for colorized bags、automatic hot and cold cutting and sewing machine、automatic cutting and sewing with sealing machine、automatic cutting and sewing with printing machine and other follow-up processing automation equipment.Our elite technical team is fully integrated with practical experience for over twenty years in plastic woven industry. And we are good at absorbing the advanced design ideas and essence from home and abroad, then systemic extract the design process and train of thought thus apply to our machines continue to improve and enhance our own design and manufacturing level as well as to provide more all-around professional services for honourable customers who trust RUNFENG. Thus achieving the idea "product innovation and good service"of RUNFENG.

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